..::DARE::.. Shoe Off!


I was able to get my hands on one of those haybales at SHOE FAIR!!

After several nights of hard work. I can finally present to you my shoe fair poses!
5 poses with fun, delicate and unique features that highlight the shoes.

..::DARE::.. Shoe Off

I have to thank Joy Laperriere of [m] Magnifico Exclusive for creating such a fabulous shoe! The Le Plateau shoes are featured in my shoe pose ad.

On the ..::DARE::.. haybale you can also pick up all of my Single Ladies poses for 50% OFF!
Remember that in every pack you get a sexy !OHMAI body suite!

..::DARE::.. Single Ladies Set IV..::DARE::.. Single Ladies Set III..::DARE::.. Single Ladies Set I..::DARE::.. Single Ladies Set II

Now go fight the lag at Shoe Fair! It’s totally worth it!

Stomp stomp!

See tags for brands used in the ad.


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