May Crazy Madsy and Mijn.t Bring Style To You Too!


These past weeks 3 stores, Mijn.t, Crazy and Madsy, stood out on the feeds to me. I realised they all meshed well together and I wanted to make an outfit with something from each store. I’m quite happy with the result!

Then I came upon Del May poses and WOW is all I can say. As a pose maker myself I am so impressed with how the poses have emotion and action infused in them. I only wish the poses were available in packs. Buying single poses from stands is tedious. Especially when you kind of want them ALL!!




Skin: Milk Motion – Colette Black Eyes 2
Eyes: Poetic Colours – Ocean Mist medium
Hair: Casa Cheerno – JAJAY – Pearl
Tattoo: A is for AllisonLove Glove Reflection (free)


Top: Mijn.t [PEPE is my cat BODYSUIT] – BLACK
Tights: Crazy Part of Sence Overalls
Skirt: Madsy – Peplum skirt – black
Shoes: Maitreya – SoHo Boots ‘PatentMix Black’ (Group gift)
Gloves: CheerNo – Deuil – Mort (part of outfit, fall collection)
Face décor: Lagyo – CIRCUS_Pierrot tears
Earrings: +plus – Black Pearl Earring Silver


Del May poses

Check out Del May’s Flirckr too, it’s quite impressive!

Hot bye bye!


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