Twee So Cute I Can Be!

While surfing around Flickr I came across a picture that I found both intriguing and very compelling.
The dress worn in it piqued my interest becasue of its unusual silhouette. I asked Imogen Silversmith the artist behind this amazing picture, and she told me the dress was made by Manatee McMillan, owner of Twee.
I had never heard of this store and tped over quickly! To my surprise the store was completly new and not totally built yet. but that didn’t stop me from buyin’ buyin’! I dont care what vendors look like if I know the content is awesome!
Twee has quirky fun dresses with differently styled skirts, and great stockings!
I went back now and the store looks real nice.
I fell in love with this dress. The guppy. The sleeves comes in two sizes and are mod, so you can play with them however you want!
TweeSoCute treated
This dress and my new pose set (here) inspired me so much I had to create a new shape to fit them!
Isn’t she just adorable! I should call her Tweelie! I am in LOVE! (OK, I know I’m nuts.)
She became cuteness overload when I wore &Bean’s the Anger skin. &Bean has fab clothes too, I had no idea!
I pulled out some hats I have from Chapeau tres Mignon, knowing they have that vintage class I was after and voilá, the look perfected.
If you consider yourself any type of fahionista, you have to own hats from Chapeau, it’s SL fashion law!
The hat together with the Alyssa Diamond BitchStick (lol fun name!) from Foxy’s Smoke Shop, made me feel so 50’s!
The ChickyChic Pumps from Periquita completed the outfit. Periquita shoes by Erpla Prieto are so fun and retro cute. I know Erpla and she always strives for original well made designs, her shoes sure are unique in SL. Love it! I’m so proud of you girl! The necklace is from Paper Couture, one of the best pieces in their new collection.
In one of the pictures I had taken, I thought I looked like of those paper angel scraps you can collect.
I had a bunch of these as a child! But they were in a mess, everybody else I knew had them in binders in perfect order.
So I played a bit in Photoshop.
Dress & Tights – TweeThe Guppy & Damask Tights
Shoes – Periquita – ChickyChic Pumps
Hat – Chapeau Tres Mignon – Black Hair Net Ribbon
Necklace – Paper Couture – Shabby Chic Oversized Pearls
Cigaretteholder – Foxy’s Smoke Shop – Alyssa Diamond Bitchstick
Skin – &Bean – The Anger – Famine pale
Hair – Curio – Gertrude Black
Eyes – Miriel – Silver Screen
Lashes – Lelutka – Diva Lashes
Top picture
::Sunflower poses:: – Part of free Relaxed AO!
Middle & lower picture
..::DARE::.. – Antoine Picard Strong Standing & Antoine Picard Angular Arms Standing
Till next time!

7 thoughts on “Twee So Cute I Can Be!

  1. *smooshes* i have no clue how anyone can think you’re not fabulous because you are! From the poses, to the shape, to the styling — you are amazing…

    I love 😀

  2. Chance! your blog is amazing and stunning and gorgeous eeekkk! i’m adding you to my blogroll on pluxie. great work 🙂

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