..::DARE::.. Antoine Picard pose set

While surfing the net looking for inspiration I found the fashion photos of RL photographer Antoine Picard. I was instantly drawn to his pictures and the models’ strong yet delicate poses.
I knew I had to bring them in-world. 

RealAntione composition copy

Since none of the pictures had any lower body shown, I was able to intrepret each pose and create a lower body I felt suited the mood of each pose.
I made 2 versions, one standing and one seated or laying.

AntionePAD2All poses

Only available at: ..::DARE::.. 

The pack is only 400L for 10 poses, each one with a vunerable yet strong feminine feeling.
All the poses can be bought separately as well.

You know what to do!


5 thoughts on “..::DARE::.. Antoine Picard pose set

  1. whooohooo aren’t you fierce 😀
    I’m loving your shape with this skin so much you have no idea! I think I zoomed up in world on you like a million times today 😉


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