Spring with Asian Blossom!

Finally the sun is shining outside and the birds are chirping. The grass is green and the flowers are coming out. I was overwhelmed by the lovley meadow in the new Zanzo sim. It was so wonderful I stayed for a whole day.

Oh, how nice to run and skip in the grass!

AsianBlossomBalance copy

This shot was edited by the very talented
Anya Ohmai. I love how playlful I look in her shot!

AsianBlossomCloseup copy


It was so quiet and calm as the sun was setting, I rested in the grass till complete dark.
AsianBlossomSitting copy

For the longest time I have been thinking about putting an outfit together with lots of color.

I saw the head piece at Ce Cubic and I knew I had to have it. Theme purple/yellow was born. Isn’t it wonderful we can search Inventory! I looked for something yellow and, there it was. I didn’t know that I already had this super cute, perfect for easter, dress by Aoharu.
Flowers! When I bought these tights from Amerie’s Naughty a looong time ago. I never actually thought I’d wear them. I sometimes buy things just cause they so special and well made, I have to own them. It’s a way for me to show appreciation to the creator. So, remembering they were covered with flowers, to match the dress,  I tried them on. Perfect match! It’s funny too that the new Itutu sim opens with Amerie’s store in it, cause all the old LM’s didn’t work when I was searching for Slurls! You need to update your vendors hun!

The head piece reminds me of a gypsy fortune teller, and those have BIG earrings. The biggest I had were these from Creamshop. The bangle from Fresh Baked Goods was easy to match since it is scripted with mulitple choices of colors and stones. Plus it is chunky and fun just like the earrings.
The shoes was a bit difficult for me to find. I initially wanted someting in burgundy or purple. But who can resist Armidi? It’s not that often I get to put on these babies. So aqua it became instead.

All the poses are by me. Soon to be released ..::DARE:::. Poses.

Hair: Maitreya – Sunday (Pitch)
Skin: LF Chai Double Shot Galactica 05(limited edition)
Eyes: Miriel– Blended Natural Dirty Blue (Big)

Head piece: Ce Cubic effect –  Bohemian glow_Bordeaux
Dress: AOHARU – Flower Layered DressYellow
Tights: amerie’s NAUGHTYCandy Socks BLUE (long)
Shoes: Armidi Gisaci – Oxford Leather Ankle Boot [Aqua]
Bangle : ~*FBG*~ – Gem Jelly Donut Bangle – Gold (L)
Earrings: CREAMSHOP – Glam Earring  (lemon)

Have a wondeful Spring!

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