Neverending Remodeling La la la…la la laa!

I FINALLY finished remodeling my store. Puh! So much time it takes! I guess it doesn’t help that I must check and recheck everything bout 10000 times..anyway.Now it’s done!
But I wanted some art on the walls.
I dont know why I’m posting this. but what the heck! I felt like sharing. 😉

..::DARE::.. Word Art

Word Art

..::DARE::.. Fashion Silhouette.

Silhouette collage

This was inspired by the drawing on the cover of Fashion Illustrations by Fashion Designers, a book by Laird Borelli.

Stop by and take a look. Both pieces are available in my store for free, as are some sculptie statues I made before.
Here is what my FREE ART wall looks like.

DARE store Interior Art wall

Now that the store is finished for now. I will focus on filling it with FASHION! So keep an eye out for coming releases…it will be good!



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